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Our Marketing Stratagies

We market most of our products through professional representatives who meet regularly with doctors. More than one lake doctors are networked through-out the country with our massive marketing campaigns. Since all the specialist doctors know efficiency of different products, the products are well accepted and SYMET brand of products have registered high recall value. we have participated in many symposiums, meetings of various occasions in individual places held by I.M.A and get-togethers to introduce new products additions regularly and thus received attention from the target audience time to time. We regularly receive appraisals and product efficacy reports from selected group of doctors regularly.

SYMET is committed to marketing that is ethical, responsible and patient-centered. We have a companywide policy governing our marketing activities that applies to all employees, suppliers, contractors and agents Our policy requires that all marketing and promotional activities are based on valid scientific evidence, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Training is provided for all employees whose position requires an understanding of our marketing codes, particularly sales representatives.

Our Products
The products are very well tried in all major institutional, Semi-Govt. Institutions entering Govt. sectors also.The day is no longer that Symet's tag fly high in the near future in pharmacy glow. We have been able to incorporate quality systems as per international standards.
About Us
SYMET (SYnthetic MEdical Technology) was started with its own unit and infrastructure in the year 1996, who where in the same field of manufacturing and marketing line for more than 18 years. With all the knowledge and experience of trading and marketing all these years it has given us confidence.
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